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Adam's Peak | Sri Pada


There is no doubt that this is the most visited pilgrimage destination in Sri Lanka. Famous for its Sacred Foot Print called ‘Sree Pada’, Adam’s peak is situated in the center of the southern forest. Rising to a height of 2,243 m above sea level, it is the highest peak in region and towers above all other hills nearby. This advantage of height gives it a grand and spellbinding look. There is a shrine at the very top of the peak which houses a 1.8 m rock formation that has an amazing depression in it

which is in the shape of a foot. It has different interpretations in different religions but all find it sacred. According to Hindus, it is the foot mark of Lord Shiva; for Buddhists, it is the foot print of Lord Buddha; Muslims and some Christians believe that it is here Adam first stepped down onto earth. Most of the pilgrims walk on foot to the top of the mountain. The climb is exhaustingly steep and will easily take several of hours even for fit people. You would be amazed to see that people in all age groups attempt this pilgrimage. There would be teenagers and there will be women well over 70. The path runs through thick jungles which is full of wildlife. Most of the pilgrims take the walk in the night as watching sunrise from the top of the peak is considered to be pious.

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